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Pro Blogger Templates is a website that develops and distributes Professional Blogger Templates. Our main goal is to deliver highly optimized, fast and uniquely designed templates. Our website was originally launched in early 2021 by a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in developing web products and solutions. Our team currently has professionals with extensive experience in Blogger Optimization, AdSense and SEO to provide the most professional blogger templates across the Internet.

We decided to create Pro Blogger Templates in order to help professionalize millions of websites that use Google’s blogging platform Blogger / Blogspot. Blogger continues to evolve with recent updates and its community grows every day. Helping this community to achieve better results in terms of Optimization, Monetization, Customization and Flexibility is undoubtedly the main reason why we decided to join forces to create a grand, incredible and unique project.

All blogger templates available on our site are highly professional and optimized, in addition to having unique and incredible features. Every template has a complete documentation, aided by tutorial videos for easy understanding of its settings and features.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality blogger templates. For this reason most of our templates have a version that can be downloaded and used for free. This allows novice users, who do not have enough resources, to use quality products from their first steps in their web career. These users will also have access to all documentation and tutorial videos for free.

Users of our premium blogger templates have access to advanced and unique features, as well as receiving expert technical support from our team for any issues that might be detected with the purchased template. Support requests can be submitted at any time on our official support page. We are committed to responding to requests from all users as quickly as possible.

Pro Blogger Templates is always committed to the quality of our products and services offered. Therefore, any questions or suggestions from our users will always be welcome.

Doubts or suggestions? Please contact us on our Contact page.