1. General Questions

1.1. Who we are?

Pro Blogger Templates is a website that develops and distributes Professional Blogger Templates. Our main goal is to deliver highly optimized, fast and uniquely designed templates.

1.2. What is Blogger.com?

Blogger.com is a free blogging platform managed by Google, which helps you to create a easy to manage website/blog for yourself or your businesses.

1.3. What is Blogger Template?

A Blogger Template is a design in XML format composed of CSS, XML and Javascript code that can be used to create a blog, website or app using the Blogger.com.

1.4. What kind of Services do we Offer?

Our work at the moment is limited to the development of blogger templates for our official website and platforms such as Themeforest. No other custom work is available, and no other developer is authorized to work on behalf of Pro Blogger Templates.

2. Licence Questions

2.1. I can remove the Footer Credits in the Free Version?

Definitely not! We spend a lot of our time developing free versions to ensure that all users have access to high quality professional templates without having to pay for it. We understand that keeping our credits intact is a way to give back all the hard work done by our team of developers.

2.2. Can I resell a template after purchase?

Definitely not! We do not allow the sale of our templates by third parties for any reason. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the user will have their license suspended, access to technical support and future updates will also be removed. Refunds in this case will not be issued.

2.3. What is the difference between Free & Premium License?

Premium License has several advanced features compared to Free License. The Premium License will also give you access to 6 months of free technical support, as well as unlimited future updates.

2.4. What is the License Key?

The license key is a code automatically generated by Gumroad (“Sales Platform”) for each template purchase. A license key is unique and exclusive, its use is personal and non-transferable.

2.5. Where can I find the License Key?

The license key will be provided in the purchase confirmation email. It will also be available on the template download page, which the user will have access to after purchasing the template.

3. Common Issues

3.1. Why do I have 10 posts but only 5 appear on the Homepage?

Blogger has a post size limitation in MB, if this limit is exceeded, these posts may be hidden from the homepage. The practices below can solve this problem, as well as improve your website’s performance.

  • Use lightweight images in JPG/WEBP format.
  • Upload all images directly into the post editor.
  • Insert the post editor feature called “Jump-Break” after the first paragraph of your post.

Despite being a common problem, it has no relation to the installed template.

3.2. Why can’t I install the Template?

All our templates are compatible with the latest blogger version. The templates are also thoroughly tested before being made available for download to ensure there are no errors. Anyway, you can follow our tutorial on how to correctly install a blogger template.

4. Support Questions

4.1. I’m a Premium user, can you install the Template for me?

Installation is not included in our support. You must install the template on your website by yourself. Anyway, you can follow our tutorial on how to correctly install a blogger template.

4.2. I’m a Premium user, can you help me make changes to the Template?

Customization are not included in our support. If you want to change Colors and Fonts, you can easily do that in blogger’s Customize panel. Any other type of change must be done at your own risk, as we do not fix problems in codes that have been caused by the user or third parties.

4.3. I can’t find my License Key, can I get Support?

Yes! You will be able to get support even without your license key, as long as you provide all the necessary information to help us verify your purchase.

4.4. The Template does not meet my needs, can I get a Refund?

No refunds will be issued if the request does not comply with our Refund Policy.

Last Update: June 28, 2021