Adding product information is quick and easy! You just need to carefully follow the steps below.

1. Basic Steps

Step 1: Add a product link anywhere within the post.
Step 2: Replace the link text with the shortcode below with the desired attributes.

2. The Shortcode

Shortcode: {getProduct} $button={Button Text} $price={Product Price} $sale={Product Offer} $free={It is Free?} $icon={Icon Name} $style={Style Options}

Free Attribute: yes or no
Icon Attribute: cart, download, paypal, whatsapp or gift
Style Options: 1, 2 or 3

Style 1 – It will display the Call to Action inside the post and in the sidebar.
Style 2 – Will display the Call to Action only inside the post.
Style 3 – It will display the Call to Action only in the sidebar.

3. Link Settings

Product Settings

4. Common Examples

Below are some amazing examples you can use to configure your products.

Standard: {getProduct} $button={Buy Now} $price={$19.00}

Default Product

With Discount: {getProduct} $button={Buy Now} $price={$19.00} $sale={30% Off}

On Sale

Free: {getProduct} $button={Buy Now} $price={Free} $free={yes} $icon={gift}

Free Product

Downloadable: {getProduct} $button={Download Now} $price={Free} $free={yes} $icon={download}


Buy on Whatsapp: {getProduct} $button={Make an Offer} $price={$19.00} $sale={30% Off} $icon={whatsapp}

Buy on Whatsapp

5. Video Tutorial